Blog » Month: January 2019

Warwick Arts Centre

If you’re struggling to leave the winter blues behind, head to Warwick Arts Centre for a half- term break full of live events, films and activities. You can explore the world of colours with a curious little owl, or play with a big white polar bear; you can follow the adventures of a group of…

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A Fiver Party: The latest craze??

A Fiver Party: The latest craze?? We ALL know how expensive children’s birthdays can be, the gifts, the party, the cake… The “Fiver Party” could offer the perfect solution! Ths “Fiver” Party is the latest craze from Australia and it’s hitting the UK. What is a “Fiver party”? A fiver party is simply a party where…

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Could you run Stratford Mumbler?

There are exciting times ahead at Mumbler and in 2019 we are looking for someone new to take the helm at Stratford Mumbler. Do you have what it takes to build and nurture a Mumbler site for your home area? Mumbler is a franchised business and each Mumbler site is owned by a local parent…

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